About Us

VidFarm is an online video hub focused on building the creators community as well as introduce new and exciting videos to viewers around the world. We don’t consider our guests as users, we consider them farmers since we are all working together to grow a health and supportive community. We feature videos in the categories of music, comedy, short films, tutorials, and so much more.


At VidFarm we aim to continueously¬†introduce our viewers to new content on a daily basis. Unlike other video hub websites, at VidFarm we want to empower our viewers and work together as a team to expose the world to up and coming talent. We don’t care about how many subcribers the creator has, or if they have an “online buzz”. We want to shine a bright light on those who spend their time creating content they believe in and are passionate about.


Currently our staff consists of four individuals including three media professionals and one incredibly motivated editor. We are always open to bringing on new talent so if you think you have a good eye for hunting down great video content and want to become a VidFarm volunteer contributor we would love to hear from you.



Happy Farming!